May 3, 2011

6-layer dip with black beans

I like refried beans, but I like black beans more. Here is my take on the ever-famous layered dip...perfect for Cinco De Mayo coming up!

 (your amounts will vary for the crowd you are feeding .. this is for about an 8 inch round dish)
4 oz sour cream
4 oz cream cheese
1-2 cups? quacamole (you can't ever have enough of this)
Sharp cheddar cheese grated (about 1.5 cups)
4 green onions chopped
5 vine ripe tomatoes chopped
1/2 can of black beans drained & cooked according to can directions
lime juice (optional)

Here's the layer order:
1. Mix sour cream and cream cheese together and add it as your bottom layer
2. Next add a thick layer of guacamole
3. Next add your cheddar cheese
4. Then your black beans 
5. Next your tomatoes
6. Last your green onion.
Then I add another dab of guac on top and a sprinkle of lime juice for good luck.

Serve chilled with corn chips


Janelle said...

It was really good! I like the change to black beans -- it makes it a little lighter, so it's not as thick and goopy as a lot of seven-layer dips.

Jennie La said...

I'm a Mexican food freak. Looks amazin'